Quattro Pro Top

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Wood consumption: 4,5 kg/h – 9 lbs/h
LPG consumption: 1,35 kg/h – 2,9 lbs/h
Methane consumption: 1,80 m3/h

Dimensions WxDxH: 115x89x71 cm – 49x32x28 in
Weight: 195 kg – 430 Ibs

Heating time
20’ to reach 200°C (400°F)
30’ to reach 450°C (850°F)

Pizza capacity: 3 pizzas
Cooking performance: 60 pizzas per hour


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Quattro Pro Top is our compact, light and easy to use professional wood fired oven.

This lightweight and easy to use professional wood fired oven, was specifically designed to be placed on a food truck, inside a professional kitchen, in a fast food restaurant or for catering use. This professional wood fired oven top cooks 4 small pizzas or 3 large pizzas simultaneously, and up to 70 pizzas per hour. Reaching temperatures of 450°C / 840°F in just 30 minutes this device is perfect for introducing new products to your restaurant, at low cost.

Available in gas and wood versions. The gas version doesn’t require any extra effort with the setup/ installation, simply place it under the normal hood. This professional pizza oven top is the only commercial wood fired oven that saves kitchen space and can be installed in the restaurant, thanks to it’s compact size (90cm depth).The Quattro Pro Top is a professional pizza oven that will be your best assistant cook.

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Technical Details – LPG

Gas category
Maximum fuel consumption 1,35 / 1,32 kg/h
Maximum fuel consumption (G30/G31)
Oven floor dim. 78 x 60 x 7,8 cm
Oven floor dim. 31 x 24 x 3 in
Oven floor area 0,47 m2
Oven floor area 5,03 ft2
Weight 240 kg
Weight 528 lbs
Max oven temperature 450°C
Max oven temperature 752°F


Technical Details – Wood

Recommended fuel Logs, trimmings
Average fuel consumption 4,5 kg/h

10 lbs/h

Rated charge 8,3 kg/h

18,3 lbs/h

Oven floor dim. 90×60 cm

35,7×23,8 in

Oven floor area 0,54 m2

5,81 ft2

Weight 195 kg

430 lbs

Max oven temperature 450°C


Heating time 30
Pizza capacity 3
Bread capacity 4 kg

8,8 lbs

Minimum flue draught 11 Pa
Flue smokes mass flow 49,6 g/s
CO emission at 13% O2 0,35 % 4444 mg/Nm3
Smoke temperature 387°C


Color Silver gray



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