Allegro with Stand

Allegro with Stand – Designed to please even the most demanding cooks.

As the largest oven in the Alfa FORNINOX range, the Allegro’s dimensions and technical features are reminiscent of a professional oven.

Available in two colours: yellow and red, with or without base.



Allegro with stand designed with families and large groups of friends in mind, the Allegro meets all requirements for the prodigy cook. Allegro has been fitted with refractory shelves, stainless steel dome and ceramic fibre insulation for a perfectly even cook. For an even more comfortable cooking experience, large concealed lateral shelves, a food warming compartment and a wood storage shelf has been included in the design of Allegro.  Its 4 castors are designed for comfortable relocation. Allegro carries the art of a wood-fired kitchen, through elegantly traditional cooking.


  • The interchangeable refractory tiles that build the oven floor, is designed to convey heat upwards as well as store the heat.
  • The stainless steel dome has been carefully designed to reach high temperatures with very little wood consumption.
  • For long-lasting warmth, the oven has been lined with ceramic fibre insulation.
  • Allegro is fitted with a pyrometer for comfortable viewing of the combustion chamber temperature.
  • The large functional concealed side shelves can be folded for bulk reduction and are designed to accommodate ingredients, utensils and all cooking accessories within arm’s reach.
  • Two ergonomic door handles have been fitted on the wide door for draught adjustment by controlling the fire.
  • A food warming shelf located just below the combustion chamber to maintain foods at a constant temperature, or to leave dishes to rest when they are taken out of the oven.
  • To uphold the elegance and cleanliness of the Allegro, a wood compartment has been included, to neatly stack and preserve wood.
  • The coloured powder coated parts of the oven are resistant to high temperatures.
  • For easy handling & relocation, the 4 built-in castors are designed to move the oven smoothly.
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Weight 220 kg

485 lbs

Used material iron sheet, stainless steel, ceramic fiber
Oven floor area 0,7 m2

7,5 ft2

Type of refractory Alumina silicate bricks
Oven floor dim. 100 x 70 cm

39,3 x 27,5 in

Recommended fuel Max 1,9 In diam. logs, trimmings
Heating time (min)  20 Rated charge 8,3 kg/h

18,3 Lbs/h

Pizza capacity  5 Minimum flue draught  11 Pa
Bread capacity 5 kg

11 lbs

Flue smokes mass flow  49,6 g/s
Max oven temperature 400°C


CO emission at 13% O2  0,35% 4444 mg/Nm3
Average fuel consumption 5 kg/h

11 lbs/h

Smoke temperature 387°C