Alfa Ovens - About

Ovens for all occasions – When two cousins, Rocco and Marcello, from the south of Italy, decided to build a wood fire oven for their backyard parties back in 1977, little did they imagine that their many failed attempts would result in the success that Alfa Ovens is today!

With a vision to build something that looked as good as it cooked, they succeeded and forno Tradizionale was born. In 2010 during one of their famous pizzata parties, Andrea (Rocco’s son) noticed how their guests loved their pizza but didn’t enjoy waiting hours for it to be served, so he suggested the use of their patented heat flow technology used in their stainless steel heaters to be used in their ovens and It worked!

Without compromising on their original idea, the smallest oven reached its working temperature in just 10 minutes baking pizzas for 50 people in one hour!

Today Alfa Ovens supplies pizza ovens for many needs from domestic to commercial, indoor to out, stainless steel and portable with a range of accessories to complete every client’s perfect pizza making need. Quality being our core principal means that the use of all-Italian materials, meticulous attention to detail and an inspiration for constant innovation all contribute to our products not just being a pizza oven, but an Alfa Oven!

Over 40 years of business in the manufacturing of firebricks, ovens, braais, fireplaces and stoves, has led to us being recognised all over the world. Our network of artisans with a passion for fire have carried our products from the 1980s (when our Fornacella Refactory stove was our best seller) through to today.

Proudly Italian, our leaders since 1977, Marcello Ortuso and Rocco Lauro remain our inspiration, “We imagine a world where wood fire ovens become an intuitive device for everyone, bringing people back to their roots and seeing one of our flame ovens in every home.